Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Secret Love

I guess it wont be a secret anymore.  I had to confess my love for little pieces of amazing jewelry.  I recently made a comment on facebook about a "Dogeared" necklace and people thought I wanted a necklace with doggy ears on it.  Weird but understand able.  These earrings are not "Dogeared" they are Juicy Couture and I have received both the bows and the white flowers as birthday gifts from my friends and I just love them!! I am putting the middle pair down on my list to get.  My very first pair were little diamond cherries that I got from Amber a few years ago but I recently I was wearing them and the back fell off and I lost one and now I am looking online to try and replace them.  Super heartbroken!!!!
The necklaces below are Dogeared necklaces.  They are beautiful and dainty and have the cutest little charms and they come with adorable little sayings.  Monica gave me my first and only one last year.  It is a silver chain with silver angel wings on it.  I wear it almost everyday!  It totally reminds me of my mom and I just adore it!

I also love this little Juicy Couture ring too....It matching the earrings


Linsey said...

Oh! I so want the Dog Lover one... do they come in silver or only gold?

Amber P said...

They are so cute! I always think of you when I see little juicy earrings!