Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Shower of the Year

November 12th was a great day!

Amber's baby shower was finally here and we got to see all of our hard work payoff and we got to celebrate baby Miles (who loves me already)!

It was one of the most beautiful showers I have been to.  And super fun!
Glass baby bottles for drinks

Customer invites, signs, cupcake toppers, and banners from Etsy

The dessert table

Vanilla cupcakes

Oreos, lemon chiffon cake and french macaroons

Ducky sugar cookies

Megan and I celebrating

The glowing mom to be, Amber

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alex is Back!

We flew Alex in for his 8th birthday this weekend.  We were way to involved with Alex and the party to take pictures.  However, Megan snapped a few for us and here they are.

Treat table included homemade marshmellow bones and ghosts, cake, popcorn balls, and rice krispy pops

Mummy birthday cake

Alex in front of the fog machine

Goodie bags

Monday, October 3, 2011

Small Business, Big Change

I am sorry, to my 5 followers, for slacking off.  I have a good reason.  Things at the bridal store have been crazy.  We just ordered new dresses and it takes a long time to pick things out.  Also we have been working on our basement again.  My dad put in cabinets and another specially designed cement counter top.  We have been trying to fit in time for yard work, farmers markets, and vacations but none of it is going according to plan. 

We did make time to enjoy the Dine-O-Round.  We had an amazing dinner at Zy's, a brand new restaurant in SLC.  They have only been open a couple of months.  The food was spectacular and the company was evem better.  Megan and I snuck over to Martine's as well.  What a cute place and no wait on a Friday night!

October's calendar includes heading to the gym to get ready for Mexico, opening the bridal store on Sundays, planning Amber's baby shower, Alex's birthday party, more work on the basement, Amber's birthday and showering Katie's new baby with love and gifts!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cutest Pictures Ever

I am in love with these pictures of Alex.  His mom, Rachel, took them and emailed them over to Frankie and I.  Alex is the spitting image of both of them.  I have to remind myself how lucky I am to share in the life of such a cute, smart, great kid.

He lost his front tooth a couple of weeks ago while he was visiting with us.  Luckily the tooth fairy found him at our house.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The To Do List

This post is more for me then for anyone else.  I needed a place to store a list I have been creatin in my head.  This is list of thing to improve, upgrade, personalize, and organize our house.  Please feel free to add any ideas or tips.
The  House List

1) Get hardware for drawers and cabinets in master bathroom
2) Frame mirror in master bathroom with a dark brown wood
3) Get velvet drawer dividers for underwear drawers
4) Clean out one junk drawer a week
5) Find a way to keep pantry organized
6) Hang shelves and cabinets in laundry room
7) Hang two canvas totes, embroidered with REPAIR and DONATE, from hooks in the laundry room
8) Build shelves in the garage
9) Start buying mirrors (wait for big mirror to go on sale at Pottery Barn)
10) Decide on a material for curtains
11) Re-do fireplace mantle, something large and eye catching and romantic
12) Buy wallpaper, frame it and hang it in master bed room, since husband will not let me glue it to the wall
13) Get a new set of French doors out to the patio
14) Re-do entrance to master suite
15) Finish deck

Hey at least its a start....

Summa' Fun

Fresh eggs from the farmers market

We love the different colors

Friday, July 15, 2011

More of the Summer

My friend Katie and I took the kids to the International Peace Gardens.  The garden were pretty cool, though the location is a little sketchy.  Each part of the garden represents a different country.  Here are just a few pictures from our fun day together.
Little Owen enjoying the gardens.

Owen and Alex

Alex in Africa

Owen and his happy face

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday America

What an amazing 4th of July we had, celbrating with The Fei Family.
Henry bought some killer fireworks and Amber made a very yummy pie!

Here is Alex with the dinky little fireworks we bought.

We are so lucky to live an amazing country.  Thanks to everyone who makes America what it is!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Summer Things

Alex got into town a few weeks ago, which is why my blog has been slacking off.  We have spent the summer enjoying our time with him, the warm weather, our beautiful friends, and the amazing farmers markets. 

Most all these things come together on Saturday morning, before I head to the bridal store, when all the friends meet at the Salt Lake City farmers market.  It is my favorite day of the week. 

These lovely peonies are from the farmer market.

On Sunday the 3rd of July, we went for a hike to Dounut Falls.
Here we are getting into the car.

The water was so high that this was as close as we could get to the falls.

We got a little treat after our hike.

Friday, June 10, 2011


The chance of a life time from one of my favorite blogs.  A chance to win a free trip to Paris.

My fingers are crossed!!

Things I Love

Happy Friday
Happy Weekend