Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Series Update

After many probing questions from many different people, I thought I had better post an update. We never made it to an OBGYN. After the first appointments cancelled we kinda thought we had better take more time to look at this. Don't get me wrong I have thought about this for years and years .Me getting prego just isn't an option for us due to risk factors and ethical reasons. Frankie is worried about having a child with another crazy women and I can't blame him cause she is nuts. He worries about me dying or getting sick. I worry about staying sane, not passing down genetic traits like acholism and cardio myopithy and diabetes. We both really worry about being financially sound and I think we decided that we really want a girl, well I decided. Having a boy isn't an option, for me, so we either have to adopt or do invitro "family planning" and both are about $30,000. Yes I typed that right! Its picky I know, but we only have one shot at this no matter how it works out.

Either way before we can bring a child into our home we need to finsh our basement, pay my mom and dad back, and put more money away for the rental property and emergency saving. There you have it. So until all those things line up, a miracle happens, or we win the lottery everything is on the back burner, well not even on the burner more like in the freezer. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Our family has been a huge support. It has been fun to at least explore our options.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthdays in Feb...

This is a little past due, but it took awhile to get my pictures down loaded.  We had 2 very fun birthdays in Feb.  The first set of pictures is from Rose's, Frankie's mom, birthday dinner at Faustina.  The food was amazing and the service was great!  Bobby's friend Josh was our waiter and he took great care of us.  This get together was especially fun bakc Rose and Charlie just got back from Mexico so they brought us gifts!

Next up, Max's party.  Amber went all out on a dessert themed party  Yes those are homemade Oreos!  They was an ice ceam station too.....also with homemade fudge!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Series Update

Sorry all, I have had a busy week. Needless to say our appointment with the OBGYN got canceled on Tuesday. We have not rescheduled yet, not really sure why. We are taking our time to think and work though things and make the right desicion for us.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Love to blog

Lately I have had many questions about my new found love for let me expalin.  Last year when my laptop was stolen the only pictures or record I had was what I had blogged about, so that is why I am picking up blogging again.

Speaking of other things I love...I woke up in the middle of the night to find my dogs SLEEPING like this.  Notice the black one, Sam.

The St. George House

While on our way back from NASCAR we stopped at the St. George house.  Frankie and I have yet to fully enjoy the benefits of a dad who can build an entire home from scratch, but we intend to do so with the warmer weather.  The house, in true dad style, is amazing and Kalyn styled it beautifully.  Close to the house is a pool, a putting green, a dog park, Las Vegas, ATVs, and a lake.  Enjoy the pics!

And now that dad finished the guest bedroom we can even bring friends with us too!  In the summer cute little lizards run everywhere.  Alex is going to think that is pretty cool!

Series - Update

On Tuesday we will go to meet the OBGYN. His name is Vernon Yamashiro and his practice is at St Mark’s hospital. He specializes in high risk pregnancies and he is supposed to be the best of the best. Even though we ARE NOT pregnant, meeting with an OBGYN is the next step in getting information. He is going to tell us what to expect, what dangers and risks there are to both mom and baby, what medications I can and can not be on. So we have already started forming a list of questions to ask him. I will update after we meet him.

On the other side, now that we MAY have the option to have a child we still aren’t sure if we are ready, want to, or need to. We enjoy the time to ourselves and don’t know if we want to give that up. Morally I feel very distressed about bringing a child into this current world. I would adopt over having a child if it weren’t for the ridiculous costs of take on someone else’s child. I don’t believe that God wants more and more people over populating this already cramped and deteriorating planet, especially with so many kids not having homes. Along with all of those things, we battle with the idea of being financially ready. We would first need to finish our basement. We need to pay for life insurance, activities, medical expenses, private school, daycare, ect…We are prepared people. It is imperative to my sanity that I am sure that our household is financially secure and not just that “things will work out for the best”.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So frankie and I went to NASCAR in Las Vegas with my dad and step-mom.  We had so much fun, but so much drama too.  Our first night there we got to meet up with Rach.  It was so good to see her and she took us to a very yummy new restaurant called Rare 120.  The food was amazing and we ate till we were stuffed.  We plan to go back and visit her soon.

On the way to NASCAR my dad and mom's coach broke down, so during the 2 days of the race we had repair there working on the coach.  However, we had the most amazing veiw.  We were maybe 20 feet away from the track and there was not one person in front of us.

Pictures of our veiw of the track, inside of the coach, and outside of the coach.