Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chris Holden

In April, my family lost a great person, Chris.  He was one of ny cousin's best friends.  He was a very special and caring individual.

My cousin, Jenny, put together a memorial service for those people who could not make it to his funeral.  She asked me if I would make 60 cupcakes for the event.....how could I say no??!!

Pink champgne cupcakes

Chocolate and red velvet

Monday, April 11, 2011

Frankie's 29th Birthday Party

We had a sports themed get-together for Frankie's birthday.  Even though all of our friends are growns up, most of us still act like children.

The big "Happy Birthday" banner was one of the funnest things and it was super easy to make.

A happy Frankie

Football cake made by Granite Bakery

The complete "Sweets Table"

Frankie and Bobby with an awesome John Elway poster!

And this is my last birthday post until we hit Vegas for my 30th.  I am happy that birthday season in this house is over, at least for a couple of weeks!!

Megan Kelly's 30th Birthday

Katie and I put on a 30th birthday bash for our good friend Megan.  (Yes I know I have posted a lot about birthdays lately and even more are coming...all I have been doing is planning and hosting parties)

We decided to have a sushi making party.  12 of our best friends together making sushi...what a mess.
 In honor of our Asain theme, macha green tea cupcakes with a honey buttercream.

Rose's Birthday Luau March 12th

Frankie's mom, Rose, is a wonderful woman.  We wanted to do something special for her birthday.  We we had a Murder Mystery Luau for her.  We got the idea from a website that helps you to host murder mysteries.

Every guest got a charater to play and special clues to lead them to the killer.

Of course we also had fun treats.
Frankie played Maui Joe.  He is the one who ended up being killed.

Our guest of honor (Rose the Pineapple Princess) and Skipper Charly!