Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes Again!!!!!

Our house will be up for rent, yet again.  I am not to sad though.  After some nasty text messages from our current renters and them leaving without a 30 day notice all I can say is Good Riddance"!  They have been there for 8 months and it has been 8 months too long.  As they stated, we expected to much, like letting us know they have pets and paying the rent on time.  I can not wait till the market is back up and we call sell that house!  I am not meant to be a landlord.  Side tip: Never rent to someone you know cause it always gets nasty.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Short of Things

A quick overview of life for us right now...

Alex is here which consumes any free time.  Fathers day was a blast!  Frankie got some new clothes and cologne too.  My dad got a shirt and a BBQ that matches his deck.  We are both swamped at work and our jobs are both dramatic and stressful right now.  Both dogs are good and happy.  Alex starts camp in a few weeks which he will love.  We are going to Yellowstone with my mom and dad this summer.  One day in life, next 5 years, I really want to go to Spain and France!  We are doing our best to eat only organic food.  The oil spill is breaking my heart.  Bobby and Andrea spent last night in their new home, first night.  I need to start reading my second book for book club, The Hunger Games. 

Wish me luck.............

A Little Gift

I have a few things to blog about but I have been extremely busy.  I am going to start with this little gem, literly.  My mom and sister, Tamara, went on a little trip to Canada.  Actually it wasn't little they went for like 10 days and had so much fun, or so they say.  When they arrived home, Frankie and I went over to see Kalyn and welcome her home.  Of course, she brought gifts.  Frankie got a zip up hoodie which he has been wearing all the time in this rain.  I got something too.  It is actually my Christmas gift but she was to excited to keep it till then so I got it early. The idea of giving gifts early runs in my family.

Are you ready?

It a Louis Vuitton charm bracelet WITH matching earrings.....pictures soon to follow..... 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Backyard

This is our backyard!  Actually it is my dad's backyard because he did 96.3 percent of the work and he did most of it before the house was even legally ours!  When we bought the house at the end of October 2009 it was all rocky dirt.  It had a 2 foot by 2 foot little deck with stairs too.  The week we started closing, my dad leveled it, put in 6 inches of top soil, laid the sprinkler, laid the colored, stamped concrete, and built a deck....then we closed!  We really appreciate all the good friends that came to help us out too!

Honestly Frankie and I were not very good with the yard at our old house, but I have to say that Frankie has become quit the "yard" guy.  He picks up all the dog poop and mows and edges this huge lawn faithfully ever week!

The patio set was a gift from my family.  It looks great with the house.
     We have BBQ the times so far.

The dogs love the large running space.               

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carlee and Ben's Wedding

This was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to.  The bride wore an amazing lace dress that fit her like a glove.  The food was simply wonderful and we danced all night to a live band.  Along with dancing they had a photo booth, with props.  By the end of the night this may not have been such a great idea...haha