Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Is Getting Time....Eventually

The last few nights I have noticed that everytime Frankie or I roll over on our bed I hear a creaking and cracking noise.  Turns out that the cheap Ikea plywood is starting to split.  Yes I knew this was coming when I bought a $250 bed from Ikea.  I was just hoping for next year.  Here are some bed we are looking at. 

We have to get a "camel back" head board because we have two windows right behind our bed and we are trying to keep as much light as possible.  Also it goes well with all the arch ways in the house.

 I think this last one is our favorite.  Yes I know it is large and heavy but it is also tall and Frankie loves a tall bed to climb up on.  We also like the quilted leather on the head board.  Which one is our favorite?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Basement #3

More pics of the basement.  It is coming along beautifully!

The main color ( Legend Tan) of paint is up.  We want to finish it with a leather texture look.  Dad has started putting up the base boards.  He hates doing base boards.  Too much cutting, he says.

This photo looks into the what will be the main tv room.  You can see that dad put the door up to my craft room.

Our awesome rock going around the top of the bar.  It will also go down each pillar of the bar when it is done.  It is starting to look very man cave.

A better pic of the rock.  Of course the rock that Frankie and I picked is one of the toughest kinds to put up.  Each individual tile has to be cute with a tile saw.

The rock comes on a 12 inch by 12 inch square sheet.  Individually, each piece is only about an inch long and about 1/2 inch wide.

A special thanks to my dad for making this happen for us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Years Resolution

Well I cant really say this was my New Years resolution.  My resolution was to go to Vegas for my 30th birthday, to look amazing in an amazing dress and to buy a pair of ridiculous expensive shoes.  So far I have plan tickets, hotel rooms, a dress, a Brazilian Blowout for my hair booked, a cut and color planned, nail polish picked, and that is about it.  Seems like a lot but its really not.

My boss at my second job teaches pilates, and yes I have a second job.  I work Saturdays at the most amazing wedding dress store in Utah, I Do Bridal.  So my boss said I should start coming to her classes.  Now if you saw her body you would be envious and scared at the same time but I gathered my courage grabbed a friend and we are going to pilates.

 We have done to 2 classes and already I am seeing an amazing change in my body.  After the first class I was so sore I could not move for 4 days.  My cute friend was the same way.  It hurt to walk, sneeze, raise my arms, even to sit down on the toilet.  

 After our second class, my body feels tight but in a good "I exercised today" way.  We use the pilates machines (pictured above) and one of the hardest things is just getting coordinated and getting the moves down right.  I am a dork so it makes thing pretty interesting. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Basement #2

These pictures are actually from a couple of weeks ago.  At this point the basement is painted and the travertine rock is going up around the bar.
This is the door going into the basement.

My dad built everything by hand.  He made the archways to keep with the Tuscan feel of our house.

Sanding was a mess and dust flew all over our house.

Below is the frame or body of the bar.  My dad is building us custom colored cement counter tops.  Right now they are drying in his garage.  Look amazing but they are going to be super heavy to move! 

This is the TV wall.  Frankie is eyeing up a 60 inch flat screen.  Great.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Outfit

Well my birthday dress is purchased. Bad pic, I know.

 Next comes the shoes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Holidays 2010

We started the holidays by having Hailey spend the night with us on Thanksgiving Eve.  Hailey and Alex had so much fun.  We painted pictures and made cookies.

It took us awhile but we finally got our tree up the first week of December. Yes it is fake.

Frankie and his mom, Rose.

My dad and Frankie both got big kid toy helicotper

Alex finally got his Star Wars Lego At-At.  He was so happy.

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did.