Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Las Vegas for AMBER!!!!!!

Well this was for sure one of the best trips to Vegas ever......Amber only has 1 more month to be single. I made new friends and had a wonderful time wth old ones. We spent the first night at Tao night club, Amber danced on a box, Katie and I waited hours for a bathroom, a random guy fell in love with Carlee, Megan shook her ass.......and then there was a long cab ride home!!! The second night we saw Thunder Down Under.....Amber is a very good actress. The beautiful girls in my group got us VIP and Brighton gave the best strip I have ever seen! The flight home was long and rough, but we made it!
Frankie will leave soon with Henry for their adventure in Vegas......

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Birthday

ok well today is a great day because it is my birthday so I am adding one of my favorite pictures of mom on the day of my college graduation, just 3 months before she crossed to the other side. We all miss her alot. She was and is an amazing women. So far Katie (Kit Kat) sent me very lovely flowers with pink lilys and Frankie sent me Gerber is kinda our thing.
I will leave tomorrow for Vegas for Amber's bachlorette party. It is going to be an amazing time and there will be many pictures to post when I get back.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mexico Cruise

These are pictures from our cruise in Feb 2008. Frankie won the trip from his work and when we got back he was promoted to branch manager.

One of the best parts of the trip was meeting Mel and Pierre from San Antonio. We had so much fun with them in Vegas and on the cruise. We still stay in touch.

We saw a mama and a baby humpback whale when the cruise stopped in Mexico. Loved it!!!

More DC

The first night we flew in We drove to Gettyburg which was amazing! We had dinner at the Cashtown Inn which was just featured on "Ghost Hunters" because it is an old house, now converted to an inn and an amazing restaurant. The Cashtown Inn is haunted by Confederate Soldiers, and it is totally true. My dad and step-mom got me a signed menu from the owner for my birthday present. What a great family!!!

The last 3 of these pictures are from Arlington Cemetery I totally cried and then they played TAPS and of course I cried even more. It was one of my favorite places on the trip. There are no words to explain how amazing and sad it was to be there. It also made me very grateful to know that some many people have fought and died for our freedom but my heart goes out to all those families that have lost someone.
Here is the family in front of the cherry blossom trees. They were in full bloom and looked amazing.

Here is the Lincoln Memorial. One of the coolest things we have ever seen. It is so much bigger then you can even imagine.

Here are all the names of the soldiers on the Vietnam War Wall. This is just a very small area of the wall.


Well here are just some of the pictures of our amazing trip to DC, Gettysburg and Orland. We had so much fun hanging out and seeing the amazing history and sights there. The day we took these pictures was a very nice day, but after that all it did was rain and rain.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wedding pictures

Wedding Pictures

The wedding was amazing. Everyone looked great and all of our friends and family came to support us. The only things missing were mom, Josh, and Nana. we missed our good friend Tim too. He is away playing war. I looked breath taking. I totally did! Frankie looked wonderful too. Our wedding party was big and full of our best friends and loved ones. Katie was my maid of honor....but honestly every girl in the line was really like my maid of honor because they are all that important to me. Bobby, Frankie's brother, was the best man. We had food, cake, ice sculptures, dancing, people complaining, girls dancing on tables, flowers, wedding was great!