Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Grandma's 90th Birthday

My mom's mother is turning 90 years old on May 6th and she still looks amazing! My cousins (Amy and Jenny) and I wanted to do something very special for her this year, so we decided to take on a huge project.  My grandfather (Dee) was in World War II and his mother, Grace, put together a scrapbook for him spanning 1941 to 1945.  I mean this book had pictures, newspaper clippings, my grandpa and grandma's wedding announcement, my aunt's birth announcement, a layout of their first house, old menus (see food dinners were $.70 - yes I typed that correct), his military paycheck for 1944 ($8,000 for the year), his Silver Star letter, I mean every single thing you could think of.  However because the book was so old and everything was glued to acid paper it was falling apart.  The girls and I decided to re-scrapbook it.  It took months, many color copies, and a lot of money.  We were worried that grandma would either kill us for cutting it up or love it.  Good news!  She loved it!  We took her to the Beehive Tea Room on Saturday for a little celebration and gave the book to her then.

In the picture above, my 90 year old granny is at the far left end with the beautiful blonde hair.  She is very much a bombshell and she will tell you that blondes have more fun!

Jenny is showing my aunt DeeAnn how she made a little pocket on one of the scrapbook pages to put grandpa's military ID in.  Amy, Hailey, Jenny and I got very creative during the process and Hailey even made a band-aid from scratch!


Amber P said...

Good job ladies! I have to say just from what I saw of that scrapbook it was amazing! I'm sure the finished product was fabulous!

Jenny and Troy said...

Girl did I ever give you $? I am so spacey right now. Let me know!