Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter 2010

Ok I haven't blogged for awhile because I was waiting to do our Easter and Alex pictures in one writing but that is not going to happen.  Let me start at the beginning.  We had Alex for his Spring Break which happened to fall on Easter and Frankie's Birthday.  It was a great week!!!  Our first Saturday night we colored eggs with Hailey and Amy and had soooo much fun.  I picked up this awesome idea to color eggs from Martha Stewart.  You all can laugh but these turned out super cute!

I also made some very special cookies that night too.  Royal Icing is a pain in the butt!  And making it has led me to believe that I now need a Kitchen Aid mixer.  Why did I not register for one of those at my wedding?  While dying eggs we stained our old kitchen table too, so we need a new one of those as well!

The special egg cookies were awesome, but didnt taste to good.  The gel food coloring I used looked amazing!
Each egg had the name of a child, that was coming to our house for the egg hunt, on it!  I need more practice baking and professional pastery bags.  Hailey stayed with us on Saturday night so she got to wake up with us on Easter morning.

Here is a picture of Alex with his new shoes that the Easter Bunny brought him!

We had 5 kids over for the egg hunt but enough eggs for 20 kids.  We went a little wild.  We also had brunch for the grown ups! Here is Henry bribing Alex to be his friend with money.  Smart move Henry!