Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sister's Wedding Shower at The Beehive Tea Room

My step-sister Tamara is getting married.  My mom and I decided to throw a little wedding shower for her at the Beehive Tee Room.  Friends and family all joined to help us celebrate.  We had a so much fun getting to know her fiance's family.  The tea and food was amazing as always.
Kalyn and I made these cute little "thank you for coming" gifts.  We got the tea cup from Tai Pan, the little flowers from Cactus and Tropicals, and made the care instructions on the computer.  They turned out just perfect!  In fact 2 of them are sitting on my kitchen table as we speak.

Plant Instructions, so cute!
Mom, sissy, and me
I wanted to get Tamara something special for her shower, so I found a beautiful necklace with a feather on it.  It took me awhile to hunt it down.  The feather in significant to Kalyn, and now to us.  Kalyn's mom who is in heaven, leaves them for us when we are on the right path of life.  Now Kalyn, Tamara and I all have our own feather necklaces.
But I got a gift too.  My mom and sister spoiled me, as always!  They got me this adorable little tea pot necklace as a thank you gift.  it as came with a tea cup charm as well.  Really, the best gift was having a wonderful day with them and seeing Tamara happy and shining!


Angela said...

How fun I've never been to a real tea party. Cute necklace too!

Linsey said...

I love the teapot necklace. So cute!