Thursday, August 12, 2010

More From the Days of Summer 2010

We celebrated my dad's birthday (July 21st) this year on the 24th of July.  It was a ton of fun.  My dad and mom's (step-mom/Kalyn) deck is an amazing place to hang out and BBQ.  They always seem to be building something new and/or upgrading something on it.  This summer my dad built a Pegola over their deck.  My dad does not like to buy kits and make it easy, so he built it all by hand.  Mom got to paint the wood.  My dad's looks better than this sample picture.  Once the Pegola was built he added an out door shower to it so that you can rinse off before and after you get into the pool and hot tub.  This is very important because now that my sister (step-sister/Tamara) is engaged we are bringing in more kids to the family.  Tamara is engaged to L.J. who has two little boys of his own.  All three boys love to play in the new shower and the pool!

Alex in the new shower
The Boys
Alex being tough

Kalyn teaching Frankie something???

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Linsey said...

Alex looks SOOOO much like Frankie in his "tough" picture! So cute!