Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake wars!  Yep its one of my new favorite shows on TV.  My husband hates it, however it did help him to pick out a wonderful anniversary gift this year.  My Kitchen Aid mixer.  Maybe you think that because I watch this show or because I now own a Kitchen Aid that I am some type of great baker....well you would be wrong!  I am a cake from a box kinda girl, but this show and my new gift have prompted me to expand my horizons.

Round 1
fresh banana cupcakes with a honey cinnamon frosting

These were wonderful.  my family and my office ate the up.  They were not to sweet and not dry at all.  I got the recipe from Martha Stewart.  They were easy to make too!

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Linsey said...

You should make some cupcakes the day before you have appointments in Ogden, and then you can drop a few off at my house! Yum!