Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes Again!!!!!

Our house will be up for rent, yet again.  I am not to sad though.  After some nasty text messages from our current renters and them leaving without a 30 day notice all I can say is Good Riddance"!  They have been there for 8 months and it has been 8 months too long.  As they stated, we expected to much, like letting us know they have pets and paying the rent on time.  I can not wait till the market is back up and we call sell that house!  I am not meant to be a landlord.  Side tip: Never rent to someone you know cause it always gets nasty.


Krista Miller said...

I don't blame you! Being a landlord would suck big time! Hopefully you can get some good people in there that will take care of your place! Oh, and how dare you ask for your rent on time...sheesh...lol!

Linsey said...

I'm sorry those renters were such a pain. But for your sake, I'm glad they're gone. Good luck finding some awesome new renters!