Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Backyard

This is our backyard!  Actually it is my dad's backyard because he did 96.3 percent of the work and he did most of it before the house was even legally ours!  When we bought the house at the end of October 2009 it was all rocky dirt.  It had a 2 foot by 2 foot little deck with stairs too.  The week we started closing, my dad leveled it, put in 6 inches of top soil, laid the sprinkler, laid the colored, stamped concrete, and built a deck....then we closed!  We really appreciate all the good friends that came to help us out too!

Honestly Frankie and I were not very good with the yard at our old house, but I have to say that Frankie has become quit the "yard" guy.  He picks up all the dog poop and mows and edges this huge lawn faithfully ever week!

The patio set was a gift from my family.  It looks great with the house.
     We have BBQ the times so far.

The dogs love the large running space.               

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