Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Gift

I have a few things to blog about but I have been extremely busy.  I am going to start with this little gem, literly.  My mom and sister, Tamara, went on a little trip to Canada.  Actually it wasn't little they went for like 10 days and had so much fun, or so they say.  When they arrived home, Frankie and I went over to see Kalyn and welcome her home.  Of course, she brought gifts.  Frankie got a zip up hoodie which he has been wearing all the time in this rain.  I got something too.  It is actually my Christmas gift but she was to excited to keep it till then so I got it early. The idea of giving gifts early runs in my family.

Are you ready?

It a Louis Vuitton charm bracelet WITH matching earrings.....pictures soon to follow..... 

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