Friday, January 29, 2010

Date Night...on a Thursday????

This date night just happened by chance....we were bored.  So after work we decided to go see a movie.  Frankie wanted Avatar, I wanted Sherlock Holmes, so we saw Legion.  Big mistake.  I didn't mind it because if you dont know this about me I love weird religious movies, but Frankie hated it.  However he sat through the whole thing like a trooper and he got me popcorn too!

After the movie we decided to splurge and go to dinner at one of our favorite restuarants, Tsunami.  Best sushi ever.  We love the Don Juan roll and we tried a new one that was really good too.  Frankie and his family had never tired sushi until we met.  Dinner is a treat now because since we bought our house we have been eating dinner at home almost every night to save money so that we can paint, and decorate, and make 2 house payments.  That has been the worst thing about buying a house.  I love to eat out and I hate to cook, but so far we are doing it.

Then when we got home my favorite show was on, Project Runway, and Frankie sat and watched it with me.  I always feel very inspired when I watch that I need to learn how to sew or build something but it never happens.  Way to be a good husband, Frankie!!!

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Amber P said...

Aww! You two are so cute! I hope we can see you this weekend!