Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Is Getting Time....Eventually

The last few nights I have noticed that everytime Frankie or I roll over on our bed I hear a creaking and cracking noise.  Turns out that the cheap Ikea plywood is starting to split.  Yes I knew this was coming when I bought a $250 bed from Ikea.  I was just hoping for next year.  Here are some bed we are looking at. 

We have to get a "camel back" head board because we have two windows right behind our bed and we are trying to keep as much light as possible.  Also it goes well with all the arch ways in the house.

 I think this last one is our favorite.  Yes I know it is large and heavy but it is also tall and Frankie loves a tall bed to climb up on.  We also like the quilted leather on the head board.  Which one is our favorite?


Mrs. Battle said...

I love the first headboard. So cute!!!

Krista Miller said...

I like the last one. The bed I have is similar to it. It just feels like good sturdy furniture that will last forever and not go out of style, ya know! The first one is cute too though :)

Amber P said...

I can totally see Frankie loving the last one

Linsey said...

I love the one in the middle!