Monday, January 17, 2011

Basement #2

These pictures are actually from a couple of weeks ago.  At this point the basement is painted and the travertine rock is going up around the bar.
This is the door going into the basement.

My dad built everything by hand.  He made the archways to keep with the Tuscan feel of our house.

Sanding was a mess and dust flew all over our house.

Below is the frame or body of the bar.  My dad is building us custom colored cement counter tops.  Right now they are drying in his garage.  Look amazing but they are going to be super heavy to move! 

This is the TV wall.  Frankie is eyeing up a 60 inch flat screen.  Great.....


Linsey said...

You guys should just spring for a 106 inch projection screen in that room. It would be awesome!

Amber P said...

Wow! So exciting!! I can't wait for all of the fun parties you guys are going to throw!