Monday, October 3, 2011

Small Business, Big Change

I am sorry, to my 5 followers, for slacking off.  I have a good reason.  Things at the bridal store have been crazy.  We just ordered new dresses and it takes a long time to pick things out.  Also we have been working on our basement again.  My dad put in cabinets and another specially designed cement counter top.  We have been trying to fit in time for yard work, farmers markets, and vacations but none of it is going according to plan. 

We did make time to enjoy the Dine-O-Round.  We had an amazing dinner at Zy's, a brand new restaurant in SLC.  They have only been open a couple of months.  The food was spectacular and the company was evem better.  Megan and I snuck over to Martine's as well.  What a cute place and no wait on a Friday night!

October's calendar includes heading to the gym to get ready for Mexico, opening the bridal store on Sundays, planning Amber's baby shower, Alex's birthday party, more work on the basement, Amber's birthday and showering Katie's new baby with love and gifts!!!

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Linsey said...

October sounds just as busy for you as it is for me! Maybe we can squeeze in a coffee date sometime and catch up!