Thursday, July 21, 2011

The To Do List

This post is more for me then for anyone else.  I needed a place to store a list I have been creatin in my head.  This is list of thing to improve, upgrade, personalize, and organize our house.  Please feel free to add any ideas or tips.
The  House List

1) Get hardware for drawers and cabinets in master bathroom
2) Frame mirror in master bathroom with a dark brown wood
3) Get velvet drawer dividers for underwear drawers
4) Clean out one junk drawer a week
5) Find a way to keep pantry organized
6) Hang shelves and cabinets in laundry room
7) Hang two canvas totes, embroidered with REPAIR and DONATE, from hooks in the laundry room
8) Build shelves in the garage
9) Start buying mirrors (wait for big mirror to go on sale at Pottery Barn)
10) Decide on a material for curtains
11) Re-do fireplace mantle, something large and eye catching and romantic
12) Buy wallpaper, frame it and hang it in master bed room, since husband will not let me glue it to the wall
13) Get a new set of French doors out to the patio
14) Re-do entrance to master suite
15) Finish deck

Hey at least its a start....

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