Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things I am Loving in December

Fergie boots with skinny jeans (thanks Amber)

The most amazing thing I have ever done for my hair (also thanks Amber)

The best coffee shop ever!  Support local, go to Java Joes.

Always a great feeling.

This is a Corgi puppy.  She is not mine, yet!  But I have my sights set on her.

Joie sweater with my new boots (also Amber).


Linsey said...

Love the boots! And the puppy, of course. :)

Amber P said...

I love everything on this list! I also love you!

Mrs. Battle said...

excuse me, but what is a brazillian blow out? It sounds like after you get this you leave the salon looking like a Victoria Secret model TRUE OR FALSE? If it's true, where do I sign up.

And Joe's is BY FAR my favortie coffee.