Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alex is here!

After a bumpy flight and an hour delay Alex made it.  Here is just a quick update of the things we have accomplished in 2 days.

We met Henry and Max at Incredible Pizza, that new place out in Draper.  Can I just tell you that Max is one of my very favorite people!  He was so great with Alex.  Alex thinks the world of him.  On a side note, his parents are two of my favorite people too!  After we left we went to Nordstrom to buy Alex his very first pair of Chuck Taylors.  He was very proud to say that he now has the same shoes and Henry and Max.

Frankie and Alex in the go carts.

One of the only things Alex wanted to do while he was here was to play in the snow.  Thankfully it snowed, not just snowed but dumped.  So Frankie and Alex had a "snow day".  I took pictures from the inside of the house while sipping hot coffee.

Alex sat down and wrote what might be his last letter to Santa Claus.  He just turned 7 and I don't know how much longer he will believe the story.  On the list, Starwars Legos and an Ipod.

We finished the day by playing Mario Kart at Bobby and Andrea's house.  Yes, his new shoes are on.


Linsey said...

So much fun! I'm so glad you guys are getting to have this time with Alex.

Angela said...

He's so cute! I love the Chuck Taylors! I can't believe all the snow!