Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Series Update

After many probing questions from many different people, I thought I had better post an update. We never made it to an OBGYN. After the first appointments cancelled we kinda thought we had better take more time to look at this. Don't get me wrong I have thought about this for years and years .Me getting prego just isn't an option for us due to risk factors and ethical reasons. Frankie is worried about having a child with another crazy women and I can't blame him cause she is nuts. He worries about me dying or getting sick. I worry about staying sane, not passing down genetic traits like acholism and cardio myopithy and diabetes. We both really worry about being financially sound and I think we decided that we really want a girl, well I decided. Having a boy isn't an option, for me, so we either have to adopt or do invitro "family planning" and both are about $30,000. Yes I typed that right! Its picky I know, but we only have one shot at this no matter how it works out.

Either way before we can bring a child into our home we need to finsh our basement, pay my mom and dad back, and put more money away for the rental property and emergency saving. There you have it. So until all those things line up, a miracle happens, or we win the lottery everything is on the back burner, well not even on the burner more like in the freezer. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Our family has been a huge support. It has been fun to at least explore our options.

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