Friday, March 5, 2010

Series - Update

On Tuesday we will go to meet the OBGYN. His name is Vernon Yamashiro and his practice is at St Mark’s hospital. He specializes in high risk pregnancies and he is supposed to be the best of the best. Even though we ARE NOT pregnant, meeting with an OBGYN is the next step in getting information. He is going to tell us what to expect, what dangers and risks there are to both mom and baby, what medications I can and can not be on. So we have already started forming a list of questions to ask him. I will update after we meet him.

On the other side, now that we MAY have the option to have a child we still aren’t sure if we are ready, want to, or need to. We enjoy the time to ourselves and don’t know if we want to give that up. Morally I feel very distressed about bringing a child into this current world. I would adopt over having a child if it weren’t for the ridiculous costs of take on someone else’s child. I don’t believe that God wants more and more people over populating this already cramped and deteriorating planet, especially with so many kids not having homes. Along with all of those things, we battle with the idea of being financially ready. We would first need to finish our basement. We need to pay for life insurance, activities, medical expenses, private school, daycare, ect…We are prepared people. It is imperative to my sanity that I am sure that our household is financially secure and not just that “things will work out for the best”.


Krista Miller said...

Dr. Yamashirop has been my OB/GYN for over 12 years (when I was pregnant with my daughter). I love him...he's amazing! IF anyone can help you, he can!

Amber P said...

Amanda- this is so exciting! I love that you want to prepared but try to keep in mind are we ever really ready to take on parenting, marriage, illness , career changes or ANY of the huge steps/difficulties in our lives?