Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, on my dad's side of the family, we make chicken noodle soup. Actually not we, just my dad makes it. Look at the cute bowls Kalyn got with little snowmen on them. Her tree looked amazing after my step-sister Tamara helped her decorate it. Tamara is very crafty! The soup was great and we got to open our traditional Christmas Eve present which is ALWAYS pj's. Little Alex was not to happy with the non-toy gift.
After Dad's house we took Alex home and then went to Frankie's moms house. Rose and Charlie gave us our presents early cause we (I) was dying to opening something. Frankie got one of his favorite gifts, a picture with him and his Nana, now sitting in our living room. Rose got me awesome pink Victoria Secret pj's, in true Christmas tradition. It is really nice for everyone to carry on the traditions that my mom used to do with me. From their house we went to Jenny and Troy's. We got to see all the family visiting, that even includes Jenny right now and then we watched a little Achmed before heading back 12:30 am or Christmas morning......

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