Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day of Love

My very favorite holiday!

I made these cute candy jems for my family and co-workers.  They were fun and easy and looked awesome!

 But the best part of the day was my surprise from Frankie.

These beautiful flowers were sitting on my kitchen table.

Along with a table set for dinner for two, a card, cupcakes and treats from Sweet Tooth Fairy and a Nordstrom box.  Frankie spent the day going around to my favorite restaurants to pick up special items for dinner.  We had everything from sushi rolls to soup.

Frankie even put the cupcakes in my grandmothers china she gave me for my wedding shower.  I am very lucky...Don't worry!  I didn't forget about Frankie. 

Frankie received a beautiful shirt with French cuffs and these cool cuff links.  The cuff links were my grandfathers and they were already engraved with the "F" for Fox.  My mom would be very proud that Frankie has her dad's cuff links.

I also made him a special cupcake with its own "snippy turtle" on it.

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Krista Miller said...

Seriously, so sweet! Oh and the candy gems looked awesome!