Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The big day is almost here. We have 3 dinners to go to which should be fun and then shopping starting at 4 am....and yes I am really going to get up and do it this year. Frankie and I have both been busy working and I am finishing up my last 2 classes. I will be very glad to have this class over and done with. Other then that....we are boring people.....honestly.


Timmy and Traci said...

I heart boring people!!!! :o)

Linsey said...

I keep thinking I want to go shopping on Friday... but I can't think of anything I want badly enough to go fight for it. Let me know where you're going and *maybe* I'll join you. Happy Turkey Day! And I've been super boring lately too. Between H&R Block and Zions, I don't feel like I do anything else either.