Monday, July 21, 2008

dad's new bike and quick update

Today was my dad's 54 birthday. Happy birthday! He decided he was having a mid-life crisis and bought himself a new bike. I got to take the first ride. It was totally cool. Our dumpster is coming this weekend and I am taking Friday the 25th off to clean out the "office"....scary but good too. We had a wedding on Saturday and that seems to be all we do now a's birthday is coming in August but we might just skip it this depending on where we are with the house.

Our 1 year wedding aniversary is coming up too. Maybe we will find time to celebrate it??? Hope eveyone is well.

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Jenny and Troy said...

I can't believe how crazy fast this year went. Nearly 1 year married & happy as a couple of clams. Hooray!
PS-Mandy, you need to do the memory lane thing on your blog since you put a memory on mine!

Love you guys. Jen